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These tips and hacks will maker your handyman life much easier. Do you know any other? Leave it in the comments below. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this review of Tips & Hacks!

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  1. Paul Mannix
    Paul Mannix
    3 órája

    Great video, loved the cobblestone pathway.

  2. Magnum Rob
    Magnum Rob
    7 órája

    This was the most educational video I have watched I've been a Tradesman for 25 years and learn something today thank you for the videos

  3. mzondi1970
    12 órája

    Was there any type of particular cement used for the cobblestones

  4. Michael Joyner
    Michael Joyner
    12 órája

    Like that music-----so yeah🙂

  5. Миха Медведь
    Миха Медведь
    13 órája

    За музыку лайк

  6. Michael Williams
    Michael Williams
    16 órája

    I wanted to see the rake outcome

  7. Nathan Bushey
    Nathan Bushey
    20 órája

    Always love stopping by, Steve!! ROCK ON, SUPER STAR!!!

  8. Victor Aleksandrovic
    Victor Aleksandrovic

    За что ты поставил дизлайк? Я не думаю, что ты такой умный, просто если что то и знаешь, то не хочешь об этом так просто поделиться с другими.

  9. QNS Science
    QNS Science

    It is amazing to see that the science becomes real technologies!


    I can't even use a hammer lol....

  11. Jn Hook808
    Jn Hook808

    The only 'hacks' video I've ever been impressed by. 👍🤙

  12. Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson

    Clickbait, I’m outta here

  13. Broc Riedner
    Broc Riedner

    Get a down vote when the image(s) don't match what in the video.

  14. Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Please bro bring free wi-fi technology

  15. warren Nzambi
    warren Nzambi

    Khaby is gonna make all of that simple

  16. Eduard Ritok
    Eduard Ritok

    thumbs down for not including that rake in the video( which wa actually the single reason why i watched it)

  17. Олександр Чорний
    Олександр Чорний
    2 napja

    Більшість цих порад Я вже знаю і кпористуюсь ними. А зайшов я сюди, щоб подивитися про граблі. Де відео про граблі б.. ?!

  18. Anh Nguyễn Vlog
    Anh Nguyễn Vlog
    2 napja

    Quá hay

  19. Sabbat
    2 napja

    @5:25 -- Make the path to your home look like it was paved by Clifford the Big Red Dog having a horrific case of fecal incontinence ..

  20. D T
    D T
    2 napja

    Who's the 3500 idiots that didn't like this video?

  21. Nodurxshn
    2 napja

    most of this stuff is just useless hacks ive worked in construction my whole life and the 90 degree pencil tip is just silly every carpenter on the planet probably has at least 2 short pencil for that reason..but hey some was legit the tin snip corner cut was crazy cool ..and this video quickly turned into a dumpster fire when i was duped into clicking and i never saw a single garden rake!!..not subbing for that reason alone

  22. George Johnson
    George Johnson
    2 napja


  23. Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts
    2 napja

    I didn't see any joint tape on that drywall repair. Only mud. No good.

  24. Scott Torrance
    Scott Torrance
    2 napja

    You can use the actual tape measure instead of the playing card.. The tape measure housing will have the dimensions on it somewhere. Place the tape measure on the floor, and push the back of the tape measure against the vertical surface. Note the mark that lines up with the tape measure then add that dimension of the tape measure housing to it.

  25. Stephan Steyn
    Stephan Steyn
    2 napja

    Loving the music!

  26. bk kn
    bk kn
    2 napja

    this would be better if it was narrated so i'm not missing the video reading the captions

  27. Tom G.
    Tom G.
    2 napja

    Melting plastic with grandpa's blowtorch without a respirator? Maybe that's what killed grandpa.

  28. Patricia Murphy
    Patricia Murphy
    2 napja

    I watched for the rake too an no rake hack .booo

  29. Tovah
    3 napja


  30. Bobby Santos
    Bobby Santos
    3 napja

    I keep forgetting that I have short term memory loss........

    3 napja

    Way cool. That cobblestone method is how they built the pyramids and the polygonal walls such as in Machu Pichu.

  32. Binh Minh Pham
    Binh Minh Pham
    3 napja

    Learning new things every day. Thank you!

  33. Sheena Coleman
    Sheena Coleman
    3 napja

    The lewd climb singly thank because ocelot effectively collect including a late kitten. shocking, subsequent art

    1. Jared Devil Dog
      Jared Devil Dog
      2 napja

      What ??

  34. Chris Electric
    Chris Electric
    3 napja

    35 years as an electrician,, lots of short cuts , but this video was the best,,,, i learned some new tricks, thanks.............................

  35. Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    3 napja

    where is the one with the rake and painting????

  36. Emily An
    Emily An
    3 napja

    So you cut up a cord then so you can make a retractable one.

  37. magayouronedesire _45
    magayouronedesire _45
    3 napja

    Meh, but at least the men arent making those stupid faces like they do in the womens self hack videos

  38. Livada
    3 napja

    I love smart people

  39. If you like it, then Post it
    If you like it, then Post it
    4 napja


  40. JoeKind1958
    4 napja

    Sounds like a 70’s porno sound track… 🤣

    1. Emily An
      Emily An
      3 napja

      That pathway with the concrete in plastic bags looked like...dare I say it... crap! Otherwise some great ideas!

  41. VikingSwed77
    4 napja

    Goes so fast you cannot even tell what is happening sometimes or what exactly the tool / trick is. SLOW it the freak down some.

  42. miman 48647
    miman 48647
    4 napja

    I liked the magnet ground 🤔👍👍

  43. Rixtronix LAB
    Rixtronix LAB
    4 napja

    Nice video, thanks :)

  44. Inge Wolf
    Inge Wolf
    4 napja

    Thank you, I learned a lot!

  45. Alphatec Engineering
    Alphatec Engineering
    4 napja

    Thanks for making this mix! a couple of tips are very clever and for sure we will use it!

  46. Tim B
    Tim B
    4 napja

    Retractable cord is trouble in the making! Put high current/heavy load on a coiled-up cord and it will melt. Pull ALL of the cord out before using it.

  47. Karl Garen
    Karl Garen
    4 napja

    I was interested in seeing the face picture of the foam on the rake, but it was never in the video?

  48. JamesRMcFarland
    4 napja

    Spending my time watching videos to save time

  49. Northeast 87
    Northeast 87
    4 napja

    That drywall HACK made me laugh... NO tape on the seams lmao

    1. iffi Tacks
      iffi Tacks
      4 napja

      Hhhhh exactly

  50. Adrianne Escarian
    Adrianne Escarian
    4 napja

    What's the song title starting at 2:03ish

    5 napja


  52. Purple Pixie
    Purple Pixie
    5 napja

    That pencil will be a bugger to sharpen hahaha

  53. Woof Bark
    Woof Bark
    5 napja

    That pathway with the concrete in plastic bags looked like...dare I say it... crap! Otherwise some great ideas!

    1. st1300
      3 napja


    2. James Paris
      James Paris
      4 napja

      I completely agree

  54. M.A.C. Barry
    M.A.C. Barry
    5 napja

    Most of these hacks are absolute garbage

  55. Fidelia Melissa
    Fidelia Melissa
    5 napja

    The responsible caravan comparatively precede because dinner principally retire before a stingy geranium. gifted, ajar toad

  56. Hugh Kilpatrick
    Hugh Kilpatrick
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  57. Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes
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    Weak! Terribly weak!

  58. Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss
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  59. David Shumski
    David Shumski
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    I like that card trick

  60. R Bunch
    R Bunch
    5 napja

    Where is the rack one

  61. Advanced Tech
    Advanced Tech
    5 napja

    Just Brilliant ! Keep it up !

  62. Barry Titone
    Barry Titone
    5 napja

    Great ideas and nice soundtrack too!

    1. Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss
      5 napja

      Грабли не увидела

  63. Ghost2Coast
    5 napja

    I'm kinda shocked how many of these are actually useful

  64. SKID
    5 napja

    So where was the lawn rake showed in the thumb nail?

  65. Ann McQuaid
    Ann McQuaid
    5 napja

    ‘Sea gul

  66. Todd Rey
    Todd Rey
    5 napja

    Where is the rake hack in the intro photo???

  67. Peter L.
    Peter L.
    5 napja

    Some water would leak underneath the gutter connector at 6:05 where 2 larger pieces meet and get worse over time as the pieces shift slightly over time. Maybe it’ll be fine as long as the connection point isn’t over a walkway. I wonder if a strip of 3M VHB foam tape would work well as a safeguard. It seems like it would hold better than paint.

  68. C-130
    5 napja

    Ok 👍…. Where is that water 💦 jug ⚡️💥 🤸‍♂️

  69. Gordon Warlow
    Gordon Warlow
    5 napja

    I guess I won’t be needing a “swear jar” now. Thanks!

  70. chip bryant
    chip bryant
    5 napja

    I often come here just to listen to the music.

  71. Joe Hatchet
    Joe Hatchet
    5 napja

    What is the first tool that you made the ellipsis with called

  72. Таисия Щепкина
    Таисия Щепкина
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    На 8,27 минуте понравилось,как ниткой овал нарисовали

  73. Tayson TT
    Tayson TT
    6 napja

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  74. 4Maestro1
    6 napja

    Project at :53 skipped over an important detail. While we see the male end of the wire being drawn in to the spout of the jug, we never see the female end. Apparently, the end of the wire that is being fed into the pipe and run to the end opposite the crank, would be connected to the female receptacle.

  75. Que Mar
    Que Mar
    6 napja

    This music tho

  76. Haunted Rod
    Haunted Rod
    6 napja

    Ok I'm digging the ziptie trick

  77. Dennis Lloyd
    Dennis Lloyd
    6 napja

    So what was the rake/foam thing

  78. Not gay
    Not gay
    6 napja

    I’ve done metal framing for 25 years and I haven’t seen the trick in this video. It’s good and all but usual if you scab a stud you need 24 inches each way for code. That’s 4 feet. I wonder if it’s doable at that length, and forget about anything thats 20 gauge or under.

    1. niduoe stre
      niduoe stre
      6 napja

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  79. Michael Mcdonald
    Michael Mcdonald
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  80. Wandar0115
    6 napja

    I fast fwd to the rake and didn't see it. I learned to do that with videos like this.

  81. Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell
    6 napja

    So you cut up a cord then so you can make a retractable one.

  82. Jeff Lieurance
    Jeff Lieurance
    6 napja

    Very good! Thank you. But what about the rake hack??????

  83. npoudre. Dragon eye products
    npoudre. Dragon eye products
    6 napja

    Wow & I thought I was athe primetime problem solver some of these I have done but this is the best

  84. Вениамин Чуланкин
    Вениамин Чуланкин
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    Насчет рулетки с картой.что мешает с обратной стороны замерить.?и прибавить длину релетки (корпуса)

  85. Alittlebitofeverything AZ
    Alittlebitofeverything AZ
    6 napja

    Another good video ruined by click bait boooo quantum tech boooo

  86. Treble Walker
    Treble Walker
    6 napja


  87. Donna Marie
    Donna Marie
    6 napja

    Where was the rake thing? That's why l clicked on the video 🙄

  88. Donna Marie
    Donna Marie
    6 napja

    Fantabulous! Thanks for great must have tricks and easier ways to do things.👍👍👍👍

  89. fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh
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  90. Caleb Alt
    Caleb Alt
    6 napja

    okay I’m using some of these

  91. impetus444
    6 napja

    TFW you I think you are smart, have been on HUpac long enough to know that you can just skip to the end of the video to see the rake... Thumbs down

  92. Kyle's Corner
    Kyle's Corner
    6 napja

    The funny thing about life hacks, is that they are usually performed by hacks.

  93. Xy YX
    Xy YX
    6 napja

    click bait 5hit

  94. Justice Carter
    Justice Carter
    7 napja

    Interesting and fascinating and intriguing lol

  95. Dexter’s lawn mowing service
    Dexter’s lawn mowing service
    7 napja

    they skip the video on purpose to scam us

  96. Peter Rivney
    Peter Rivney
    7 napja

    You show something with the garden rake at the beginning but not in the video ???

  97. Peter Rivney
    Peter Rivney
    7 napja

    When you did the drywall repair you forgot to put tape it will crack all along the joint with the tape being there.

    1. The Ideas Guy
      The Ideas Guy
      6 napja

      I thought the same at first but I’m pretty sure that what they showed was just them filling the bevel with fresh plaster to then pop the tape on top of.

    2. wingerrrrrrrrr
      6 napja

      Without? The blocking should immobilize the patch pretty well though, which should minimize the chances off that. Far better fix than some repairs on some videos I've seen that suggest just using drywall paper as a patch, which I found hard to believe was actually a common technique.

  98. Tyran Ocisari
    Tyran Ocisari
    7 napja

    Why not use a thumb from the video? Using a thumb that's not from the actual video is just annoying.

  99. Peter Rivney
    Peter Rivney
    7 napja

    The 90 degree pencil is interesting but a short pencil would work just as well and you would not have to glue it together.

    1. Magnum Rob
      Magnum Rob
      7 órája

      Yeah, and when the 90-degree pencil wears down, you'd have to re-cut/glue it again...and again...and again...and...